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Our hours are:

     Tuesday thru Friday 11-3

     Wednesday 6 - 9 pm

     or by appointment at 405-394-8491

     or by calling individual artists (please see     their page)


For a limited time, Dennis Johnson studies and demos available for $150 apiece.

Atwood Elephants Grazing 24x20 200
Atwood Horses on the Run 36x36 400
Atwood Apex Predator 36x36 400
Watkins Red Barn
Watkins Purple Spring
Wallentine Wild
Wallentine Synchronization
Jane White Blue Ribbon Farm
Jane White Ozark
Ike Bennett Aspens in the Fall
Phebe Kallstrom Buzz
Kallstrom Sister Bovines oil 20x16 500
Curt Gruel The Orange Hat
Curt Gruel Marines Being Evacuated from Hue (Photo by John Olson)
Dodge Hill Cityscape
Dodge Hill Bluebonnets
Whitney Ingram Watkins Cityscape
Christy Everest Lenten Rose
Christy Everest Nasturtiums
Robinson Santa Fe
Robinson Green Apples
Robinson Lady Street Vendor
Jane White Pond Life
Ike Bennett Mediterranean Resort
Dodge Hill Afternoon in Paris
Phebe Kallstrom Something Smells Fishy
Jessie Ann Wallentine Picnic
Dodge Hill Step-N-Out
Dodge Hill Old Mexico
Jane White Gossip
Jane White Aspen Evening
Ike Bennett 3 Faces
Jessie Ann Wallentine The Boss
Ike Bennett Augusta National 12th Hole
Jane White Walton's Fruit
Phebe Kallstrom Koi Pond
Whitney Ingram Watkins
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